Our Services

We write excellent Crestron Software

We take great pride in writing code that is intuitive, logical, functional and easy to follow. We favour large text, fewer buttons and plain language. We have a watchword here at Oxberry: if our clients have to make any more than three button presses before something happens, then we've lost them already. It's a busy world. We get it. There's precious little time to stand around befuddled by an over-fussy control interface. Just make a decision, execute it right away and move on. Simple.

We design reliable Integration Systems

Our work is reliable. We know what we're doing. Perhaps more importantly: we know what not to do! That's why we've been asked to write control code for automation projects all over the world. Our work is conscientious, capable and efficient and it's thrilling to have this recognised on any scale at all, let alone a global one.

We consult on amazing installations

From single cinemas to multi-bay hotels, from boardrooms to boats, from houses and villas to entire university campuses; Oxberry's done the lot. We've been responsible for programming and consulting on some of the most prestigious projects that have been built over the last two decades and that's precisely the sort of understanding and experience that we can bring to your projects today.

We maintain our work and become friends with our clients

Our Software Assurance Packages will guarantee that your investment stays safe and active at all times. Although it's true that software, once written will never change, it is also true that in a system comprised of third party devices, firmware updates, for example, can often throw up interesting anomalies. So it makes great sense to have an arrangement with the people who inherently understand the code that's pumping away at the heart of your system. Please ask us for details of this common sense, monthly subscription service.

We manage projects efficiently and effectively

We can generate drawings and all manner of paperwork to ensure your project, and indeed our involvement in it, is properly managed and accurately documented. We can check your cabling for you; authorise your networks; generate sign-off documentation ... Certainly we can do much more than simply providing you with software. If it's your first Crestron project, we can hold your hand all the way at introductory rates. When we work with you, we consider ourselves very much a part of your team, and the trust you show in us when you bring us inside of your company is something we cherish above all else.