Oxberry provide great looking touchscreens, with intuitive functionality
— FRED BARGETZI, Chief Technology Officer, Crestron Electronics, USA
Oxberry goes beyond just programming. It makes magic!
— RANDY KLEIN, President and CEO of Crestron Electronics USA
Oxberry are decent, intuitive people. And so is their work.
— PHIL BREITSCHADEL, Vice President, Sales, Crestron EMEA
Oxberry listened, and tailored the perfect home automation system for my family and I
— ROBIN VAN MEEUWEN, President and CEO of Crestron EMEA
Thanks to Oxberry for breathing new life into our showrooms. A fine bunch of chaps indeed!
— JOHN CLANCY, Vice President, Residential, Crestron Electronics, USA
Oxberry writes awesome software and ensures our products operate as they should
— PHILIP PINI, Head of Residential, Crestron EMEA
I can’t say enough about how great the Oxberry team is. Their responsiveness is unparalleled! They make you feel like you are their only customer.
— BRYAN CELLI, Crestron Design Showroom Manager, Midtown Manhattan
It is a pleasure to work with these people who have a plan, and never lose sight of the objective
— KEN VANEMON, Regional Sales Manager, Manhattan and NY, Sapphire Marketing