Intuitive, elegant interfaces for your office or home

We design interfaces that operate our control systems every time, to suit every program. We consider the exact anatomy of the system being controlled and then select the best approach to present the Interface Design. The exact requirements of the end-user and the scale of the capabilities required of the control system are just some of the other important factors we work with. Oxberry aims for consistency with the interface experience while it still functions perfectly with your customised AV design system.


Branding and Identity

We will include your company’s corporate branding in our panel designs, and are happy to work alongside your in-house design team to ensure continuity. Operating the controls will be kept straight-forward, with instructions where needed, as we appreciate there may be several users. This results in you being able to use your system in any controlled zones displaying all your company branding with the exact panel display you want, to demonstrate your company’s values via audio, video or simply a presentation to those in front of you. It will impress you. It will certainly impress your clients.

Personalised, just how you like it

Your home is your sanctuary. When you want to control it, Oxberry will ensure that your comfort is enhanced by your system. Our interface designs can embody the themes you have in each room, for instance the kids’ playroom can carry their favourite TV characters or footballing heroes. Your lounge display can have quick access to your preferred channels; in the kitchen you can directly link to recipe pages or your favourite tunes to cook with. Your house name or logo can also appear, and colour schemes are adopted to match your décor. We will even work alongside your Interior Designer if you would like us to.  


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